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(Sorry, this event is postponed...) Rainer Maria Asia Tour 2018 in Hiroshima on May 18th (Fri.)!!!!

(updated on May 15th) We regret to announce that this show will be postponed because of health condition of Rainer Maria's drummer... We are so sorry for your inconvenience. But we believe we are one of the best persons who are shocked by the bad news...

Hope we announce this event again after re-scheduling!!

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We, k the musicgirl are pleased to announce that we will share a show together with the legendary band,Rainer Maria from US on May 18th (Fri.)!
Details are as below.

「Rainer Maria Asia Tour 2018 in Hiroshima」
5.18.FRI|18:50start|@BANQUET (6-6-30, Minamimachi, Minami-ku,Hiroshima, Japan)
\3,000+1 order

w/palpurple (from Nara), POPLAR, k the musicgirl

We have been a big fan of Rainer Maria since long long time ago. So, it is big pleasure and honor for us to share the show together!

They are a true alternative band in their sound and their activities until now. Their sound is so rough and beautiful, a kind of magical sound so called “emo” or “alternative” which we love so much. If you like sounds like the Pixies, Sleater Kinney or of course other bands belonging to POLYVINYL label, you must check the show and enjoy together!

Also, you will enjoy other acts having a performance in the show.

“Palpurple (from Nara prefecture, the Japanese oldest capital!!)” is a so beautiful and wild band with sensitive female voice and crazy distortion guitar!

“POPLAR” is a Hiroshima’s local band. Theirsound is an innocent US indie-alternative-like one with sophisticated ensemble.

We, “k the musicgirl” are also a Hiroshima local shoegaze-alternative band aiming for sound like picture drawn with a single stroke…oh I don’t know what I say exactly…

Anyway, if you love US indie-alternative bands, you must enjoy the show.
We are so grateful if you are interested in the show and hopefully join it on May 18th in Hiroshima!!
by kthemusicgirl | 2018-05-12 17:00 | YASUSHI Okada

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